Meggitt Avionics

Providing sensing and display solutions to aircraft

Our technologies are used to give aircraft and their operators live intelligence on physical position, momentum and configuration. Our sensors and indicators help to control movement and position equipment precisely.  Whether measuring an aircraft’s attitude and airspeed or displaying threat warnings for helicopters – Meggitt Avionics (MAv) is your proven partner.

Our roots go back to 1852, when we were originally known as Negretti and Zambra. Our founders pioneered research into the relationship between barometric pressure and height above sea level using hot air balloons.

Today we’re known for the design and manufacture of high performance cockpit displays, attitude sensing, specialist air data products and life support systems for aerospace customers.

In 2016, we expanded our capabilities to include industrial ignition systems, which were formerly made at Meggitt Rugby.


About the division – Meggitt Sensing Systems (MSS)

MAv is part of MSS, one of the world’s leading providers of high performance sensing, monitoring, power and motion systems. The division’s capabilities include air data systems and flight displays; ignition systems; motion and position sensors; power generation and conversion; as well as sensing and machinery monitoring.

MSS has operated through its antecedents since 1852 — ECET, Endevco®, Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Negretti & Zambra, Sensorex and Vibro-Meter®.

Parent company – Meggitt PLC

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meggitt PLC is an international group operating in North America, Europe and Asia. Known for its specialised extreme environment engineering, Meggitt is a world leader in aerospace, defence and energy. We employ approximately 11,000 people at over 40 manufacturing facilities and regional offices worldwide.

It consists of five operating divisions:

  • Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
  • Meggitt Control Systems
  • Meggitt Equipment Group
  • Meggitt Polymers & Composites
  • Meggitt Sensing Systems

By cooperating both within and across divisions, we can provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for any new programme.

To discuss how our solutions can work for you, please contact us.